Bbmak - Get You Through The Night tab

Artist: BBMak
Song: Get You Through The Night
Album: Into Your Head
Tabbed by: Matt Florio, or
Capo 1st Fret

Em-022033 (079977)+{Power chord}
D-xx0232 (x57770)+
Cadd9-x32033 (x35533)+G-320033 (355433)+E-022100 (079900)+
Intro-play until chords come inE-----2-h3---2-h3---2-h3-----------------------------|B--3-------3-------3---------------------------------|G----------------------------------------------------|D----------------------------------------------------|A----------------------------------------------------|e----------------------------------------------------|
Verse Em D (2x) Em D Cadd9
*these part is echoed in the background all over the songE---3-2----------------|--3-2---3-2---3-2----------|B-------3------------3-|------3-----3----3---------|G---------4-5-4-2--4---|---------------------------|D----------------------|---------------------------|A----------------------|---------------------------|e-----------------------|--------------------------|
Em D (2x) Em D Cadd9 “All I got is the time it takes me to hurt you!” Em D (2x) Em D Cadd9 “All I’ve given is all I got, is all she had to say.” Chorus G D Em Cadd9 “Give me all, give me some, give me anything you want,” Em D Cadd9 “you know love will only get you throught the night!” Bridge E Cadd9 D E Cadd9 D Cadd9 D End on the G chord
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