Be Your Own Pet - Bicycle Bicycle You Are My Bicycle tab

Great punky song just hit everything hard.
Intro drums... then

Verse/intro: B B A A B \//\ \//\\//\ \//\\/E-7-7--7-7\5-5--5/7-7-|B-7-7--7-7\5-5--5/7-7-|G-8-8--8-8\6-6--6/8-8-| repeat for versesD-9-9--9-9\7-7--7/9-9-|A-9-9--9-9\7-7--7/9-9-|E-7-7--7-7\5-5--5/7-7-|
then for "We're on two wheels baby!...." few A's to E (listen for strum pattern)E F#E---5555777777777777777777\5/77777777777777799999999----|B---5555999999999999999999\7/99999999999999911111111<---|ELEVEN NOT ONEG---6666999999999999999999\7/99999999999999911111111----|D---7777999999999999999999\7/99999999999999911111111----|A---7777777777777777777777\5/77777777777777799999999----|E---5555xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx----|
Then back to verse/intro for "We'll come to your town, burn your house down...all because" Chorus again for "We're on two wheels baby" Verse/intro again for "We'll change the eye colour of every lady...all because" Chorus again Verse/Intro then just hit B barred for "Because, because, because because" before sliding down the neck. Just bassline during "no wheels, no brakes, no reals, no fakes"
THEN:E---7------------7--------7----7--7-77777-| You get the idea just hit B fasterB---7------------7--------7----7--7-77777-| and faster.G---8------------8--------8----8--8-88888-|D---9------------9--------9----9--9-99999-|A---9------------9--------9----9--9-99999-|E---7------------7--------7----7--7-77777-|
Verse/intro thing again Chorus Verse/intro with out lyrics end on a B Peice of piss. Any questions or suggestions, feel free to email me
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