Beach Baby – Small Erasers tab

SONG: “Small Erasers”
BAND: Beach Baby

there’s actually no guitars in this song which is unusual for this artist I took the violin and cello parts to make this tab. Notes in parentheses are the bass/cello notes play. the whole song is looped but all the other instruments come in on "oh oo oh we need another saviour" and there's some imporvised playing going around on the violin (pizz.) so have fun. he writes his songs in the way so that they can filled with a lot of stuff and for a lot of improv room. *I personally think these notes sound better on the a string but if you’re going to play both parts together I would play the notes with the asterisk. If you’re wanting to add/play chords: |G – Am – |Bm - - - |Am(add9) - - - |Am - - -| The third measure of this chord progression has a little. Since there’s only two notes in the fourth measure A E you could actually just play any chord containing the two and it’d still work Lyrics: Children are sleeping quietly dreaming Of the lives they’ll live up until that point when they are done and have flipped their coins All their love will fade away yet linger on them They will throw away all their pencils and papers for a digital god Oh oo oh we need another saviour a new book not drawn on paper Oh oo oh these small erasers can’t hide the imperfections no Oh oo oh the world is changing time for some rearranging a brand new scheme Oh oo oh nothing is perfect you could send me to heaven and I could call it hell Oh oo oh damn your lies I can’t which way is right or who’s on my side Oh oo oh I’m gonna die someday so imperfect yet so very close Key – C Major (G Root) BPM – 72/144
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