Beach Boys - Your Summer Dream tab

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                          "Your Summer Dream"
                      (Brian Wilson / Bob Norberg)

Intro (acoustic guitar):

	 / / /  / / /   / / /  / / /
	Bm7             E9
	 / / /  / / /   / / /  / / /

Verse 1:

	Amaj7                      Bm7
	Drive your car down to the sea
	C#m7                       F#m7   F#7
	All the while you build a scheme
	Bm7                   C#m7
	Take her hand and walk on with her
	Bm7                              E9
	Make it real your summer dream

Verse 2:

	Smell the warm and salty air
	See a wave reflect a beam
	Stop and find a pretty shell for her
	Bm7      E9                A    Amaj7
	Make it real your summer dream


	Bm7   E9           Amaj7       F#m7
	See another couple over there
	Bm7        C#7     F#maj7  D#m7
	To them an ordinary day
	Bm7                       Dm7
	Soon you wonder where the time has gone
	Bm7                              E9
	The sun has almost slipped away

Verse 3:

	Now it's gone and you're alone
	In her eyes you see a gleam
	Time has come for you to show your love
	Bm7      E9 [N.C.]              Amaj7
	Make it real,       your summer dream

Coda [repeat to fade]:

	Bm7      E9               Amaj7
	Make it real, your summer dream

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers
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