Beach Boys - In The Back Of My Mind chords

In The Back of My Mind
Tabbed by Zack Feldman

Thanks to Rosco for the initial help!

F Gm I'm blessed with everything
D# F EA world to which a man can cling
Gm Am7 DmSo happy at times when I break out in tears
Em Gm CIn the back of my mind I still have my fears.
F GmI live my life for her
D# F ELove her true she knows I'm sure
Gm Am7 DmI make her happy just living so plain
Em Gm CIn the back of my mind I'm fraid it's gonna change.
Am F GmI tried to run far away from thoughts
I should try to keep away
F Gm F DmBut they just keep coming back to me
Am7 FI tried to rationalize
Gm But some day I might realize
F Gm CThat things are just good the way they'll be.
F Gm I know it's so hard to find
Bbm D# F EA girl who really understands your mind
Gm Am BbWhat will I do if I lose her?
Cm G C FIt will always be------ way in the back of my mind
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