Beach Boys - Cabinessence chords

 from the Unreleased "SMiLE" Album; released on "20-20"(1969)

  Use a capo on the third fret.

Cmaj7/g C7 F Em Light the lamp and fire mellow,cabin essence
Am7 G F#o Am7 timely hello welcomes the time for a change
Cmaj7/g C7 Lost and found, you still remain there
F Em Am7 Youíll find a meadow filled with grain there
G Bm A Iíll give you a home on the range...
D5 Who rang the iron horse? (X4)
G5 (X4) Who rang the iron horse?
D5 (X2) Who rang the iron horse?
I want to watch you,windblown facing waves of wheat for your embracing, folks sing a song of the grain Nestle in a kiss below there,the constellations ebb and flow there and witness our home on the range... Who Rang....
A C D F Have you seen the Grand Coulee, working on the railroad?
G Bb C Have you seen the Grand Coulee working on the railroad?
A7 Over and over, the crow cries uncover the cornfield
Over and over, the thresher and hover the wheat field (X2)
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