Beach Boys – Dont Hurt My Little Sister chords

 "Don't Hurt My Little Sister"(Wilson/Love)
  From "The Beach Boys Today!" (1965)

  Intro Riff played on a 12-String: (X4)

e|-----------------------------| B|-----------------------------| G|----7-10-8-10-8-7------------| D|--8--------------------------| A|-----------------------------| E|-----------------------------|
|Bb Eb|X4 |F |
Bb There she goes she ran in her room
Eb F She'll probably stay in there the rest of the day
Bb It sounds like it must have been something you said
Eb F You know she's awful used to getting her way
1st Pre-Chorus:
D Why don't you kiss her (Why don't you kiss her)
Gm Tell her you miss her (Tell her you miss her)
Bb Why don't you treat her(Why don't you treat her)
Eb F Treat her niiii-iice...
Bb Eb Don't hurt my little sister
Ab Db Don't hurt my little sister
F# B F/Bb Don't hurt my little sister
You know she digs you and thinks you're a real groovy guy But I'm not sure that I feel the same We both know that you've been making her cry I hope you don't think it's some kind of game Pre-Chorus 2 Why don't you love her (Why don't you love her) Like her big brother (Like her big brother) Why don't you tell her (Why don't you tell her) Tell her you're sorry.... Chorus Break: | D7 Gm |Bb | Eb F | Chorus (With interjected pre-chorus falsetto) to fade.
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