Beach Boys - Surfin Usa chords version 2

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Surfin U.S.A. chords
The Beach Boys

E B7If everybody had an ocean
EAcross the U.S.A.
B7Then everybody'd be surfin'
ELike California
AYou'd seem 'em wearing their baggies
EHuarachi sandals too
B7A bushy bushy blonde hairdo
ESurfin' U.S.A.
E B7You'd catch 'em surfin' at Del Mar
EVentura County line
B7Santa Cruz and Trestles
EAustralia's Narrabeen
AAll over Manhattan
EAnd down Doheny Way
B7Everybody's gone surfin'
ESurfin' U.S.A.
E B7We'll all be planning out a route
EWe're gonna take real soon
B7We're waxing down our surfboards
EWe can't wait for June
AWe'll all be gone for the summer
EWe're on safari to stay
B7 Tell the teacher we're surfin'
ESurfin' U.S.A.
E B7Haggerties and Swamies
EPacific Palisades
B7San Onofre and Sunset
ERedondo Beach L.A.
AAll over La Jolla
EAt Waimea Bay
B7Everybody's gone surfin'
ESurfin' U.S.A.
E B7Everybody's gone surfin'
ESurfin U.S.A 3x
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