Beach Boys – County Fair chords

Tabbed by: Billy

From the first Beach Boys album, "Surfin' Safari".  Pretty easy song, but the vocal 
melody is nice.   The song is in G, with the chord progression I, vi, IV, V.  So G 
Major, Em, C, D, like so:

GThis time each year in our hometown
EmThe county fair comes our way
C DWhere the folks gather round to be happy and spend their day
And that chord progression is used the entire song. At the very end,"Yeah the big strong guy knocked the bell in the sky", it just bounces back between G Major and E minor every two measures. The guitar lick played occasionally (intro of the song and before verses come in) is the 4th, 3rd,and 2nd of the scale, so:
For bassists (or guitarists too, I guess) that want to walk the bassline and play as Brian does in the song:
Which is just the standard 1st, 3rd, and 5th of each chord. Doubling each to play it as 8th notes would sound great here. And that's it! Very simple song, but a fun one nonetheless.
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