Beach Boys - Isnt It Time chords

                    Beach Boys - Isn't It Time

Note that #s after chords signify the fret to be played in this order: EADGBE

|A F#m7=2X2220 |A F#m7 |After it's all be said, the music spinning in our heads, Can't forget the
|Bm7=X2023X E |Bm7 E | feeling of, the magic of that summer love... Uh, I wanna
|A F#m7 |A F#m7 | take you there, do you wanna turn back the pages? The memories the
|Bm7 E |Bm7 Bm7/E=02032x |E | photographs, the world has changed, and yet the game, is still the same!
|A F#m7 |A F#m7 |Isn't it time we danced the night away? How about doin it just like yesterday?
|Bm7 E |Bm7 E | Every time I think of you, all of those things we used to do...
|A F#m7 |A F#m7 | Remember those nights we spent just you andI? Little did we know how the time would fly
|Bm7 E |Bm7 E |G/A=X00443 D/A=X00232 | Isn't it time? Oh-oh and isn't it ti-ime? Woah o-o-oh! The good times never
VERSE 2 (shortened)
|A F#m7 |A F#m7 | have to end, now is the time to let them happen again, we can have our-
|Bm7 E |Bm7 E | selves a blast, the good times they, aren't only in the past...
|Bm7 E |A E/G#=4X2X00 F#m7 F#m7/E=002220| And as the sun goes down we raise a glass to ki...i-indness
|Bm7 E | To all the good times we sha-are =02X220 =02X202
|G/A D/A |Bm7add11=X20320 Esus4add13 Esus4add9| Isn't it time we get ready again? Isn't it time we go steady aga-ain?
CHORUS TWICE (second time fade out over second half of chorus)
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