Beach Boys – All Summer Long tab

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Wonderful song - captures the innocence of the 60s so perfectly that the
producers of _American Graffiti_ couldn't resist including it, even though
it wouldn't be released until two years after the story took place.  (I
could say something similar about a certain other song and _Animal House_...)

                           "All Summer Long"
                             (Brian Wilson)

Intro (marimba arr. for guitar):

v v v v -14-14-12-12-11-11-9--9-- ------------------------- -15-15-13-13-11-11-9--9-- ------------------------- ------------------------- -------------------------
Verse 1 [chords in brackets implied by background harmonies]: B [Bmaj7] [B6] [B] D [Dmaj7] [D6] [D] Sittin' in my car outside your house (sittin' in my car outside your... C#m7 F# F#+ 'Member when you spilled Coke all over your blouse B [Bmaj7] [B6] [B] D [Dmaj7] [D6] [D] T-shirts, cutoffs, and a pair of thongs (T-shirts, cutoffs, and a pair of... C#m7 F# G#m B7 We've been havin' fun all summer long ...thongs) Chorus: E All summer long you've been with me B B7 I can't see enough of you E All summer long we've both been free C#7 F# Won't be long 'til summertime is through (summertime is through) F#+ Not for us, now Verse 2: Miniature golf and Hondas in the hills When we rode that horse we got some thrills Every now and then we hear our song We've been havin' fun all summer long [repeat chorus w/flute and sax solos replacing first three lines] Coda: B D Every now and then we hear our song C#m7 F# B C#m7 We've been having fun all summer long B D [repeat to fade] We've been havin' fun all summer long -- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers
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