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Leaving This Town
Ricky Fataar/Carl Wilson/Blondie Chaplin/Mike Love / Holland 1973

G-7                     C6/E
I long to see you oh my love

I want to feel you near
D-6             Eb6
My need is deep insideG-7
Well I've been rolling on, C6/EI've been holding on, I'd like you to knowD-6 Eb6 That it's been a long, long time
Ab Bb Sometimes it's hard to make it through the day F- Bbs Sometimes it's hard to find my way |Db F- |Bb Sometimes it's hard to notice the changing days |Db Eb | When your friends have all gone Db/Ab F- |Bbs Bb | Leaving this town for another one The night is coming round I can feel the weight of coming down, So afraid to lose this dream I want you to understand that I'm trying to do the best I can It's so easy to lose my way Db/Eb F- |Eb/G Ab | Lay your head where you may find some peace Db F-/C |Bbs Bb Db/Eb Eb | I've been searching for my happiness Db/Eb F- |Eb/G Ab | Don't you want to wake up and take my love, Db F-/C |Bbs / I'd be happy if you'd let me know |Bbs Should I stay or go |F- Eb |Ab Eb ||: F- Eb |Ab Eb :|| for break Let me know Db F-/C |Bbs Bb |Bbs Bb |Bbs Bb |Bbs Bb |Bbs Ab7 | G-7 Woke from a dream to see Reflections all around me, Of new realities, Heavenly angels won't you Guide me please help me to decide The path most meant for me Sometimes it^s hard^
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