Beach Fossils – Gathering tab

Beach Fossils - Gathering
From their debut album "Beach Fossils" (Captured Tracks 2010).

Tabbed by Isaac Murguia, October 2013.
Originally uploaded to
YouTube: Goadiroth

V = downstroke
^ = upstroke
x = mute notes (by lifting fingers slightly)

 Seagulls in the distance...

CHORD PROGRESSION: V ^ V ^ V V ^ V V Ve|--5---5---5-5------3---3-x---3---3-3--|B|--5---5---5-5------5---5-x---5---5-5--|G|--5---5---5-5------4---4-x---4---4-4--|D|--7---7---7-7------5---5-----5---5-5--|A|--5-------5--------3---3-----3---3-3--|E|--------------------------------------| [x16]
OUTRO: Ocean waves gently crashing on the shore... End. Please rate!
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