Beach House - Walk In The Park tab

~ = vibrate note

\ = slide down to

" = tremolo pick (pick as fast as possible)

This is the intro part.|------------------------------------||------------------------------------||------------------------------------||------------------------------------||-10-12-10-12-7~---10-12-10-12-15~---||------------------------------------| cont.
---------------------------------------|---------------------------------------|---------------------------------------|---------------------------------------|8\10-12-10-8------10--12-10--8-12------|---------------10------------------10--| cont.
---------------------------------|---------------------------------|---------------------------------|---------------------------------|-10-12-10-12-7~--10-12-10-12-----|------------------------------10-| go for a walk in the park....
and this is the chorus part..
|----------------------------------||----------------------------------||-22"-21"-22"-19"-21"-17"-19"------||-----------------------------19"--| " = tremolo pick. or in noob terms,pick|----------------------------------| those notes as fast as you can|----------------------------------|
that's all i know. i have not attempted to tab out the rest. if i ever do, i will come and edit this tab thanks and rate if you can.
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