Beach House – On The Sea chords

'On The Sea' by Beach House

Tabbed by: Rob Leyland (

Capo 3

Intro: C-Fmaj7-Am-G  Fmaj7-Dm-G7

C Fmaj7Out on the sea we'd be forgiven
Am GOur bodies stark the spirit living
Fmaj7 Wouldn't you like to know
Dm G7How far you've got left to go?
C Fmaj7Somebody's tried nobody made you
Am GIt's not what you stole its what they gave you
Fmaj7In or out you go
Dm G7In your silence your soul
Bridge: C-Fmaj7-Am-G-Fmaj7-Dm-G
C Fmaj7Would you rather go unwilling
Am GThe heart is full and now it's spilling
Fmaj7 Barreling down the steps
Dm G7Only a moment left
C Fmaj7In hind of sight no peace of mind
Am GWhere you begin and I’m defined
Fmaj7 DmDaughter of unconscious faith
G7Time will tell in spite of me
C Fmaj7In hind of sight no peace of mind
Am GWhere it begins and we’ll define
F7 DmShadows bend and suddenly
G7 The world becomes and swallows me-eeeeeeeeee
C Dm Fmaj7 G7 Yeeeeeeaaaaaaaaah Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaah
Bridge: Fmaj7-Dm-G7-C-Fmaj7-Am-G-Fmaj7-Dm-G
C Fmaj7Whistle to a friend
Am GGentle 'til the end
Fmaj7 DmAnyway, in a name, she takes shape
G7Just the saaaaaaame
Outro (quiet): C-Fmaj7-Am-G-Fmaj7-Dm-G7
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