Beach House – Astronaut chords

Ab EbCome over to my house
FmI'll pour some tea for us
Ebone sugar or two
Ab EbYour hand is right in front of me,
Fm your finger fragilely, holy on
Ebmy side
Ab EbFaster than an astronaut
Fmwho's coming home to what
Ebhe left long ago
Ab EbI've made this brand new bed for
Fmyou, I trust the things we do,
Ebholy or not
Ab EbOpen the gate cause you're already late,
Fm Ebat the end of the lane, is a glass of
Ab lemona-ade, keep on the path when
Eb Fmyou hear the laugh, in the white of her
Eb Eb7Palm is your heart!
Fm Eb{I'll be brave for a while
BbmI won't bring you down
Ebanymore than you are}
EbPlease, be my baby, don't mean
Cm Bb Ebmaybe or not, look out the
Cmwindow, there's a bright
Bbyellow cat...
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