Beady Eye – In The Bubble With A Bullet tab

                 In The Bubble With A Bullet - Beady Eye (B-Side to The Beat Goes On)

Tabbed by: VelvetAssassin

Tuning: Standard (EADGBe) - CAPO on 4th Fret.

Em 022000
D  xx0232 (Later on, when the bass picks up, 000232 sounds better)
A  002220
G  320003

All Chords and Tab notes are relative to Capo. The figure in brackets next to a chord
shows the APPROXIMATE number of times the chord is to be strummed up and down sequentially.



Em(x3) Em(x3)e|---------------------------------------------------3s2-------|B|---------------------------------------5s7s5-5s7s5-----3s5-7-|G|-------------------------------------------------------------|D|-2-2-2---2s4s2-0-2s4s2-0---0---2-2-2-------------------------|A|-2-2-2-------------------2-----2-2-2-------------------------|E|-0-0-0-------------------------0-0-0-------------------------|
From the intro we can derive 2 riffs that are played throughout the song at different times. Actually, two guitars are being played in this song (presumably by Gem and Andy) and while on one, these riffs are continuously being played, on the other the chords are being strummed. However, as I have tabbed this song to be played on 1 guitar, I have merged the chords and tabs so as to make the song sound good even when being played by a solo guitarist. Riff 1
Riff 2
Riff 3
Verse: The riffs are optional. Play them if if you can swap between chords and the riff rapidly. Also I have mentioned the riffs only up to a certain limit, after which you can follow the same riff pattern. Listening to the song while playing will definitely help. I personally recommend playing just the chords properly in the beginning. After you get a hang of it, move on to playing the riffs as well. D (Riff 1) Waking up in dreamland D Rolling out the bed Em (Riff 2) Cannot take anymore D If I had any left (Riff 3) D (Riff 1) Mindless conversation D There's nothing just quite like Em (Riff 2) First thing in the morning D Bout what we did last night D A Well, we was looking for trouble G D In our bubble, me and you A Burning up on re-entry G Where you send me Em I'm bulletproof D Do what we wanna do! (Riff 3 then Riff 1) D You make a contribution D To where you're supposed to be Em If it's not you D Then it's not me D A We was looking for trouble, G D In our bubble, me and you A Burning up on re-entry, G Where you send me Em I'm bulletproof Em I'm bulletproof D Do what we wanna do! D We do, what we want, we do... (x8) Outro: Oh Yeah...
e|-------------|B|-0-0-1-1-0---|G|-2-2-------2-|D|-------------| (repeated till end)A|-------------|E|-------------|
Em(x3) Em(x3)e|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|2---2-0------------------------------------------------5s7s5-3-0-------------|G|--------2-0------------------------------------------------------2-----------|D|------------2-0---2-2-2--2s4s2-0-2s4s2-0---0---2-2-2---------------4-2-0---0-|A|----------------2-2-2-2------------------2-----2-2-2---------------------2---|E|------------------0-0-0------------------------0-0-0-------------------------|
------x------x------x------x------x------x------x------x------x------x BIG THANK YOU to jordan71421 and his submission of chords for this song, his chords helped me a LOT in writing this tab. I highly recommend you check out his version of the chords as they're perfect: in_the_bubble_with_a_bullet_ver2_crd_1078791id_27072011date.htm Beautiful sounding song... ThanQ for reading. Please do post your feedback as a comment.
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