Beanbag - Happy Dispatch tab

Happy Dispatch
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Artist: Beanbag
Album: Freesignal
Tabbed by: John Pennington 
Copyright Info: 1999 Inpop Records/Birdwing Music (ASCAP)1999

Forward by Hallam Drury

I'm trying to put heaps of Christian tabs on here from some of my favorite
songs, so I've got this off another site to put it here for you.
If you'd like me to tab or find a song for you email me at


Intro:D|-0----------------------------|A|-1-0-7-7p6-0-7-7p6-0-7-7p6-0--|E|-0----------------------------| x3
Chorus:e|-0--------------|B|-0--------------|G|-0-9-9/8-9-9/8--|D|-0--------------|A|-1-7-7/6-7-7/6--|E|-0--------------| x2
e|-0------------------|------------|-------------|B|-0------------------|------------|-------------|G|-0-9-9/8-9-9/8-9-9/8|-9----------|-9-----------|D|-0------------------|---8-7-----9|---8-7-------|A|-1-7-7/6-7-7/6-7-7/6|-------8-7--|-------7-----|E|-0------------------|------------|---------6-5-| 1st time 2nd time
Halfway through the verse:D|-2-5-5-6-7-6-5-|A|-2-5-5-6-7-6-5-|E|-0-3-3-4-5-4-3-|
Second half of Second verse:G|-------12-10-|D|-2-5-5-------|A|-2-5-5-10-8--|E|-0-3-3-------|
I don?t have the bridge figured out.
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