Elysium chords with lyrics by Bears Den - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Bears Den – Elysium chords


G Em Brother do you believe in an afterlife
DOur souls'll both collide
CIn some great Elysium, way up in the sky
G Em Free from our shackles, our chains, our mouths, our brains
DWe'll open all the gates
CWe will walk careless, straight into the light
G Em I've never felt so enlightened
DEvery page I turn
CI only find myself feeling more alone
G Em Posing questions to a silent universe
DMy very thoughts are cursed
CThey just seem to multiply, forever in my mind
Am D Brother don't grow up
Am C Brother please never grow up
[Interlude:] G | Em | D | D | 4x
Bm C G Just hold out against the night
Bm C G and guard your hope with your life
Am DFor the darkness, she will come
Am COh and you have nowhere left to run
G | Em | D | D | (from here on forward) Oh but your eyes are wider than mine, but they'll never see?? Just hope that age does not erase all that you've seen Don't let bitterness become you Your only hopes are within you Just hold out against the night And guard your hope with your life
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