Beastie Boys - Gratitude tab

Beastie Boys - Gratitude

Tuning: Standard eADGBE

(Bass Intro)

Guitar Part

Verse E5 A5E|---------------------------------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------------------------------| G|--------------------------------------------2~~~---------------|D|-----2~~~-----7~~~---or play A5 like this---2~~~---------------|A|-----2~~~-----7~~~--------------------------0~~~---------------|e|-x-x-0~~~-x-x-5~~~---------------------------------------------|
Play the A5 power chord whichever way you prefer, I cant really decide which way sounds better, every time I listen to the song I change my mind. Repeat until verse ends, then play:
Chorus/Solo Thingy:
E|------------------------| Repeat until verse starts again.B|------------------------|G|------------------------|D|------xx-------xx-------|A|-55-7-xx--55-7-xx--55-7-|e|------------------------|
(Play Verse Again) (Another chorus, no guitar, but theres some piano part I havent figured out on guitar, but this is a guitar tab not a piano tab :))
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