Beat Crusaders - Capa City tab

hello again my buddys
Thanks to Josep ruiz garcia, i will tab out more songs!
this ones for you dude!

Beat Crusaders
Capa City

now like said before if you listen to the song, it will HELP alot better
trust me

p=hammer pull off

Intro only bend the 7 up|-------------------------------------------------------||--5-5-5------------------------------------------------||--7b7b7b6p5--5--let-ring-------------------------------||-----------7-------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------------------|this there up here may be confuseing but listen to the song and you'll get it
0:06let all these ring for 4 secs each note|--------------------------------||--------------------------------||--8--10--12--13--12--13--10--12-||--------------------------------||--------------------------------||--------------------------------|
after that the bass comes on with the drums (guitar can do this if you want to)
you do this 2x then the guitar comes like this plam mute0:37 |..............||-----------------------------------------|--------------|--------||-----------------------------------------|--------------|--------||-8-8---------------88-8---5-5-55-5-5-7-8-|-8-----5------|--------||-8-8---6-6-66-6-6--88-8---5-5-55-5-5-7-8-|-8--5--5--6-8-|-9------||-6-6---6-6-66-6-6--66-6---3-3-33-3-3-5-6-|-6--5--3--6-8-|-9------||-------4-4-44-4-4------------------------|----3-----4-6-|-7------| ^ ^ ^| ^ x5 x6 x6|x5
|-8-----| |--8----| |---8---| |-------| |-------| |-------| 2nd Guitar dose this for the 3 chords here
0:49 chorus this part is werid, its very important listen to the song for the right timeing. yeaaaaah stop the war!
|---------------------------||---------------------------||-8--7--5--4--5--------5--7-|repeat|-8--7--5--4--5--6--5--5--7-||-6--5--3--2--3--6--5--3--5-||----------------4--3-------| x5 x5 x5 x5 x5 x5 x5 x5 x1
now go back to the little bass part that started at 0:33 then play the song over from there to the chorus
1:57 play the chours to the end! yeaaaah stop the war! stop the war! stop the war! ohhhh oh Oh OH Alright there you go tell me if theres anything wrong plz. oh yeah if anyone wants me to tab out a song from the Beat Crusaders just tell me! i most likely figure it out Rock on my hommies Rusty S.
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