Beat Crusaders - 99 Luft Balloons tab

Sup Losers hahahah nah just kidding, but thats one ugly face you got there!
I think they got a cream for that!
HAH hahahehehah...........nah your alright

99 Red Balloons...(red,luft, same thing)
Beat Crusaders 

ok look, this song is easy so im not going to hold your hand.
listen to the song and you'll see how easy it is

0:35 PLAM MUTE!!|--------------------------------------------------|--------------------------------------------------|-6/777777-999999----------------------------------|-6/777777-999999---555555-777777------------------ x2 <------&|-4/555555-777777---555555-777777------------------ ||-------------------333333-555555------------------ | second time no mute |0:46 |
D E G A ||-2-| |-0-| |-3-| |---| | |-3-| |-0-| |-3-| |---| ||-2-| |-1-| |-0-| |-2-| clean ||-0-| |-2-| |-0-| |-2-| strum ||---| |-2-| |-2-| |-0-| ||---| |-0-| |-3-| |---| |
| At 0:52 Go back to this---------------------------------------& waoh cool Then At 1:02 play the cool yet overly played part in every cover band ever known
At 1:39 there doing that doo do do so that little part they play at1:48is just|-------------|-------------|-------------|-88-7-6------|-88-7-6------|-66-5-4------
OK THIS IS WHAT I MEAN, the rest is the same! play the first part all over the only differnt part is the "SKA upstroke part"
goes like this 2:00|--------------------------------------------------|--7-7-7-7--9-9-9-9--12-12-12-12--14-14-14---------|--7-7-7-7--9-9-9-9--12-12-12-12--14-14-14---------|--7-7-7-7--9-9-9-9--12-12-12-12--14-14-14---------|-5------------------------------------------------|--------------------------------------------------you guys know how to upstroke right??? RIGHT????good!
thats really all there is in that song. very easy! see you guys around Rusty S. ohya!~ want this song that I tabed out
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