Beatles – Nowhere Man tab

Intro :

He's a real nowhere man

Sitting in his nowhere land

Em             Gm                D
Making all his nowhere plans for nobody

D              A 
Doesn't have a point of view

G                    D
Knows not where he's going to

Em           Gm             D
Isn't he a bit like you and me

        F#m        G
Nowhere man please listen 

            F#m            G
You don't know what you're missing

        F#m     Em7                     A7
Nowhere man the world is at your command


Same chords as for verse

Verse 2:

He's as blind as he can be
Just sees what he wants to see
Nowhere man can you see me at all

Nowhere man don't worry
Take your time don't hurry
Leave it all till somebody else lends you a hand
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