Beatles – Every Little Thing chords

“Every Little Thing” by the Beatles from “Beatles for Sale”

e|------- 0------ 0---0-- ----0--|0------ 0------ ------- -------|Intro B|--------5-------5---3-------2--|2-------3----------------------| G|--------6---7---6---4-------2--|2-------4----------------------| D|-------------------------------|-------------------------------|
A D E A G DWhen I'm walking beside her, People tell me I'm lucky,
Bm Bm/A E/G# A A D EYes I know I'm a lucky guy, I remember the first time
A G D Bm Bm/A E/G# AI was lonely without her, Can't stop thinking about her now.
A G G A G A Ev'ry little thing she does, She does for me, yeh,
A G G A G A And you know the things she does, She does for me, oh.
A D E A G DWhen I'm with her I'm happy, Just to know that she loves me
Bm Bm/A E/G# A A D EYes, I know that she loves me, now. There is one thing I am sure of,
A G D Bm Bm/A E/G# AI will love her forever, For I know love will never die.
ChorusSolo A D E e|------- 0------ 0---0-- ----0--|0------ 0------ ------- -------|Gtr 1 B|--------5-------5---3-------2--|2-------3----------------------| G|--------6---7---6---4-------2--|2-------4----------------------| D|-------------------------------|-------------------------------|
e|------- -9--10----9---------9--|-------7-----------------------|Gtr 2 B|--------10--10----10--12----10-|-------9-----------------------| G|---------9--9-----9---------9--|-------9-----------------------| D|-------------------------------|-------------------------------|
A G D e|------- 0------ 0---0-- ----0--|-3------2------- ------- ------|Gtr 1 B|--------5-------5---3-------2--|-3------3----------------------| G|--------6---7---6---4-------2--|-0------2----------------------| D|-------------------------------|-0------0----------------------|
e|------- -9--10----9---------9--|-7------ 5------ ------- ------|Gtr 2 B|--------10--10----10--12----10-|-8-------7---------------------| G|---------9--9-----9---------9--|-7-------7---------------------| D|-------------------------------|-------------------------------|
Bm E A e|------- ------- ------- -------|------- ------- 0------ -------|Gtr 1 B|----3---------------3----------|----0-------3------------------| G|4-----------4---2-----------2--|1------------------------------| D|-------------------------------|-------------------------------|
e|----10- ------- ----10- -------|------- ----10- 12----- -------|Gtr 2 B|12----------12--10----------10-|9---12----------14-------------| G|-------------------------------|-------------------------------| D|-------------------------------|-------------------------------|
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