Beatles – Because I Know You Love Me So chords

This song is from the Let it Be sessions and was written in their early years.
It can be heard on the Fly on the Wall disc included with "Let It Be... Naked" 
or right here:

D GWake up in the morning, I don't feel blue,
A D N.C.'Cause I know, I've got you.
D GGet a funny feeling, all day and night,
A D N.C.Get a funny feeling, You don't treat me right.
D GShoulda read your letter, Then I'd know.
A A7 N.C.Woulda felt much better, Because I know you love me so.
(After this there is a funny little solo line, and I just play the chords again without words.) Wherever it says "N.C.", play the chord before it once and let it ring out and don't start playing again until the next chord comes. I hope this helped!
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