Beatles - While My Guitar Gently Weeps chords version 2


Dm Dm/C Dm/B BbI look at you all see the love there that's sleeping
Dm C G AWhile my guitar gently weeps
Dm Dm/C Dm/B BbI look at the floor and I see it need sweeping
Dm C F AStill my guitar gently weeps
D F#m Bm F#m I don't know why nobody told you
Em Em7 A how to unfold you love
D F#m Bm F#m I don't know how someone controlled you
Em Em7 A A7they bought and sold you
(rest of the guitar parts are the same) I look at the world and I notice it's turning While my guitar gently weeps With every mistake we must surely be learning Still my guitar gently weeps I don't know how you were diverted you were perverted too I don't know how you were inverted no one alerted you I look from the wings of the plane you are staging While my guitar gently weeps As im sitting here doing nothing but aging Still my guitar gently weeps
(Outro) (Repeat 4x)E|--1--1-1--1------1-1------1-1------1--1-1--|-1--0-------0-------------|A|--3--3-3--3------3-3------3-3------3--3-3--|-3--3--3-3--3--0-0--------|D|--2--2-2--2------2-2------0-0------3--3-3--|-2--2--2-2--0--0-0--------|G|--0--0-0--0--0---0-0------0-0------3--3-3--|-0-----0-0--0--0-0--------|B|--0--0-0--0---3--3-3-3-2--2-2-2-1--1--1-1--|-0----------3--3-3--------|e|-------------------------------------------|--------------------------|
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