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Honey Pie chords
The Beatles *

Em A7 AmShe was a working girl
Cm GNorth of England way
Em A7 AmNow she's in the big time
Cm GIn the USA
A7And if she could only hear me
D7This is what I'd say:
G EbHoney Pie, you are making me crazy
E7 A7I'm in love but I'm lazy
D7 G Eb D7So won't you please come home Oh
GHoney Pie,
EbMy position is tragic
E7 A7Come and show me the magic
D7 G F# FOf your Hollywood Song
Em Cm GYou became a legend of the silver screen
G7 CAnd now the thought of meeting you
E7 Am D7Makes me weak in the knees Oh
GHoney Pie,
EbYou are driving me frantic
E7 A7Sail across the Atlantic
D7 GTo be where you belong
Eb D7Honey Pie, co me back to me
Solo: (Guitar)
Em Cm G G7Will the wind that blew her boat across the sea
C E7 AmKindly send her sailing back to me
D7T. T. Tee! Now
GHoney Pie
Eb You are making me crazy
E7 A7 I'm in love but I'm lazy
D7So won't you please come home
G Eb D7Come, come back to me Honey Pie, Ha ha ha
G Eb E7 A7 D7 G Eb D Set8
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