Beatsteaks – Soothe Me chords

 BEATSTEAKS - SOOTHE ME (Bass Studio Version)

This is the studio version as ear-transcribed from the "Living Targets" CD.
Live the band transponds it half a step higher and end the song on a C chord
instead of the E chord which gives an open end feeling to the song.

I didn't bother whether it's a major or minor chord, these tabs here have
just the goal for beginner bass guitar players to find the correct note. If 
any guitarist wants to check this version of the song out, please keep in 
mind to listen to the song so you can decide by yourself whether it's a major 
or minor chord.

Have fun with one of the great Beatsteaks songs, they will tour Europe again 
in autumn 2011! 

I'm sorry that I left out any copyrighted material. You can watch out for  
other chords files here to get the lyrics. However, the other files don't 
have the correct notes.

Verse 1
          B                D#
      G#          D#

Verse 2
       B                D#
              G#             D#

E (ring...)

Verse 3
             B              D#
        G#             D#

Verse 4
       B               D#
    G#          D#

C#                              B

Bridge (Part 1 played 3 times)
E / /
B F# /<-------(3x) _/
Bridge (Part 2 played 1 time)
E F# /<----------(4th time) _/
Verse 5 B D# G# D# Refrain E C# B F# E
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