Beatsteaks - To Be Stron tab

You'll have to figure out the rhythm yourself...
The live version is played a half step tuned down...

-Intro, Verse, Chorus:

em C G DE|-0--0--3--2-|H|-0--1--0--3-|G|-0--0--0--2-|D|-2--2--0--0-|A|-2--3--2----|E|-0-----3----|
hm C D D D D D D E|-2--3--5--5-| E|-5--5--5--5-| H|-3--5--7--7-| H|-7--7--7--7-|3x G|-4--5--7--7-| then play 1x G|-7--7--7--7-| D|-4--5--7--7-| D|-7--7--7--7-| A|-2--3--5--5-| A|-5--5--5--5-| E|------------| E|------------|
D D D GE|-5--5--5--3-|H|-7--7--7--3-|G|-7--7--7--4-|D|-7--7--7--5-|A|-5--5--5--5-|E|----------3-|
After the first Chorus the 2nd Guitar plays something like this: (not totally correct and incomplete, but good for orientation.) h|12-12-12-12-15-12-|12-12-12-15-15-12-| HAVE FUN! (If you have any questions feel free to write to
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