Beautiful South - Rose Of My Cologne tab

The Rose of My Cologne – The Beautiful South

Daddy was an awful drunk
G	   				D
Mommy was the loosest girl in town
Brother just some two bit punk
G				   D
Rode his Harley D into the ground

Distant friends and relatives
Each of them a problem they would share
From the in-laws to the out laws
Quietly she would soak their despair

She was one of life’s lil’ angels
G				D
A job that don’t pay so well
Guiding those to heaven
G			     D
That should’ve gone to hell

Was it really worth it?
G		  A		     D
Only time and death may ever tell

She was the brick 

At the base

Of the house
G			D
A true foundation stone
She was the colour

And the sound 

And the taste
G			 D
And the rose of my cologne
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