Bebo Norman - The Rebel Jesus chords


CAll the streets are filled with laughter and light
Gand the music of the season
Cand the merchant's windows are all bright
G Emwith the faces of the children
C G and the families hurry into their homes
C Gas the sky darkens and freezes
C GWe'll be gathering around our hearths and tables
F C Giving thanks for God's graces
C D Cand the birth of the rebel Jesus
CWell they call him by the Prince of Peace
GAnd they call him by the Savior
Cand they pray to Him upon the seats
G Emand in every bold endeavor
C Gand they fill His chuches with their pride and gold
C Gas their faith in Him increases
C Gbut they've turned the nature that I worship in
F C from a temple to a robber's den
C G Cin the words of the rebel Jesus
CWe guard our world with locks and guns
Gand we guard our fine posessions
Cand once a year when christmas comes
G Emwe give to our relations
C Gand perhaps we give a little to the poor
C Gif the generosity should seize us
C Gbut if anyone of us should interfere
F Cin the business of why there are poor
C G Cwe'll get the same as the rebel Jesus
Cbut pardon me if I have seemed
Gto take the tone of judgment
Cfor I've no wish to come between
G Emthis day and your enjoyment
C Gin a life of hardship and of earthly toil
C Gthere's a need for anything that frees us
C GSo I bid you pleasure and I bid you cheer
F Cfrom a heathen and a pagan
C G Con the side of the rebel Jesus
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