Bebo Norman – Falling Down chords

Falling Down- Bebo Norman!/ss:facebook
Tabbed by Jonathan Vautour
Capo 2 

E A E AAngels on a subway She's buried in a magazine
E A E AStuck inside a replay Of someone else's dream
E A E A Prophets made of paper, Don't tell her anything
E A EShe wants someone to save her, So she lifts her head and screams,
Alifts her head and screams
E A F#m A E I don't know you But I love you anyway
E A F#m A E I can't see you But I hope you're here to stay
E A F#m A E I don't know you But I need you here with me
A F#m A Cuz I'm falling down, Falling...... down"
ENDING (SAME AS CHORUS) When I'm falling, falling.... down Cuz I'm falling, falling..... down VERSE 3
E A E ANow angels on a runway, Looking for a jet plane
E A ETo take her to a new day, She won't be back again
Awon't be back again And she says
C#m B A You're on my side You're just in time
C#m B A E I'm on my way knowing you won't mind
BBut I want you back again
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