Beck - Fuckin With My Head tab

FUCKIN WITH MY HEAD (Mountain Dew Rock)

slow bend heavy flange---------------|----------5-3--|-2(4)--/4------|---------------|---------------|---------------|
E D A E D A I ain't got no inclination E D A E D A Give away my sweet sensation E D A E D A Sleepin in an old toolshed E D A E D A Scumbag cryin on his pillow Chorus: D A When you wanna be with me G D E D A then we will see who's fuckin with my head (hey hey hey hey) Fuckin' with my head (Hey hey hey hey) Found myself in New Orleans With a scarecrow in my jeans Beat my forehead through the ceiling Drank my coffee with a hubcap (Chorus) (no no no no)
E Devil's got your pantyhose on his head Oh yeah, and he's robbin' me but all I got's cornbread Well, you turn my body into a crutch And now I'm limpin' all over when I feel your touch Oh yeah
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