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Date: Fri, 05 Dec 1997 12:57:40 -0700
From: Shane N Clements 
Subject: TAB:Hotel City, 1997-Beck-Mellow Gold LP

Beck -Whiskeyclone, Hotel City 1997
    from the Album "Mellow Gold", 1994
   A cryin' song.

Intro- (A)(C#)(E)(C#) X2

A     E            F#
I was born in this Hotel
A       E             F#
Washin' dishes in the sink
A   E              F#
Magazines and free soda
A      E          F#
Tryin' hard not to think

C#     E         B
Playin' on to the dawn
C#   E               B
Everything we know is wrong
C#      E                B
I'll be lonesome when I'm gone
C#      E        B  A  F#   A  F#  A  F#
Playin' on to the daaaawn

She could talk to squirrels
Comin' back from the convalescent home
Starin at sportscars

Rattlesnake on my shoulder
Gunpowder on my sleeve
I will live here forever
With the ocean and the bees

repeat CHORUS
Playin' oooooooon to the dawn...(ad infinitum)

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