Beck – Sissyneck tab

The main riff is as follows:

As you can see, it's not that hard. Just finger the E chord and pick the specified strings, and lift your ring finger for the second little 2-string chord. Then, release the E chord and use your middle finger to play the 0-1-2 part. That leaves your middle finger right where it needs to be to finger the E again, so you can do it blindfolded. This little riff repeats continuously throughout the verses, the bridge, and the ending. Here are the tabs for the chorus:
(F#7) (A7) (E)E--5--5--2--2----0-0---------0-0--|B--8--8--5--5----0-0---------0-0--|G--6--6--3--3----1-1---------1-1--|D--5--5--2--2----2-0---------2-0--|A--7--7--4--4---2----0-1-2--2-----|E--5--5--2--2--0-----------0------|
This repeats once more to the end of the chorus, then you go back to the verse riff. Remember, don't expect to get the rhythm from the tabs. Listen to the song for that. There is a dobro(slide) guitar playing during the chorus. It's tuned to an E, and they mostly just slide up and down between the A and E frets. If you are so inclined to play it, just make it up as you go. I have a dobro, and it's really easy. That's it for the tabs, so here's what you've all been waiting for...the lyrics! [Verse 1] I don't need no wheels I don't need no gasoline Cuz the wind that is blowin is blowin like a smoke machine And if I said to you that I was lookin for a place to get to Cuz my neck is broken and my pants aint getting no bigger [Chorus] I got a stolen wife and a rhinestone life and some good old boys I'm writin my will on a three-dollar bill in the evenin time [Verse 2] All my friends tell me something is getting together I got a beard that would disappear if I dressed in leather Now let me tell ya bout my baby she was born in Arizona Sittin in the jailhouse trying to learn some good manners [Go to Chorus] [Bridge] [Verse 3] Matchstick strike when I'm ridin my bike to the depot Cuz everybody knows my name at the recreation center If I could only find a nickel I would pay myself off tonight Cuz nobody knows when the good times have passed out cold [Go to Chorus, play twice] [Ending verse] Don't talk to me, if you're lookin for somebody to cry on Don't talk to me, if you're lookin for somebody to cry on [End]
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