Beck – Teenage Wastebasket chords

			     Teenage Wastebasket - Beck Hansen
Tabbed by: Buxtonski

Tuning: 1/2 step down Eb Ab Gb Db Bb Eb

C G Fmaj7 GShe is a teenage wastebasket
C G Fmaj7 GPaddling up the river in a casket
C G Fmaj7 GTrying to experience everything at least once
C G Fmaj7 GHer life is a comercial for being fucked up
C-G-Fmaj7-G (Continues throughout)I know shes not saying much
Shes walking backwards and into to dust Socks don't matter teeth are turning green Opinions are forming (wah ooo wah ooo......) Her mother is proud to be dead Her dad is break dancing underneath the bed She's got lipstick scrawled across her forehead Sayin "please destroy me" (wah ooo wah ooo.....) She found the thrill on top of the hill Now shes choking on the punk rock pill coz it all boils down to a casualy pathetic future (wah ooo wah ooo.....)
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