Beck – Vampire Voltage No 6 tab ver. 2

Awesome Beck song! Hear it here:

And, here's the tab. This is only my second tab, but I'm pretty darn sure that 
this is correct. Enjoy!


LYRICS: I don't know what I want but I know That fear is creeping under my bones And I know that it's time I go But it's time that's got its teeth in me And I want you to fix your eyes It's something that could be beautiful If you teach me to lose my soul It's one percent of what I know La la la la la la la la La la la la la la la la La la la la la la la la La la la la la la la la HEAVY PART:
e|-----------------------------|B|-----------------------------|G|-------------------11--------| after 3x in a row do one of the next part:D|--9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9--11--12----| A|--9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9--9---12----|E|--7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7------10----|
LYRICS: Vampire voltage in my soul Vampire voltage Rolling around and rolling
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