Beck – Forcefield tab

album: one foot in the grave
submitted by m. burgess

tune down 1/2 step

guitar 1 4x||-------------------------------||-----||-------------------------------||-5---||---2---2----4---4----6---6-----||-----||-------------------------------||-----||-0---0---/2---2---/4---4----4\-||-----||-------------------------------||-----
guitar 2 4x||------------------------------||||------------------------------||||------------------------------||||------------------------------||||-7-7-7-7-7-7-5-4-5-4-0-0-0-0--||||------------------------------||
chorus 2x||----------------------||||----------------------||||---2----2----2----2---||||----------------------||||-0----0----0----0-----||||--------------------3-||
stand outside with a suitcase (there's a forcefield round my neck) walk around all the while (and it stands just where I sat) look at the people driving backwards (and the stance I took on that) no particular style (leaves that forcefield round my back) don't let it get near you don't let it get too close don't let it turn you into (and the stance I took on that) the things you hate the most (leaves a forcefield round my neck) roll out your silver-dollar coffins pull out your buckskin gloves tell them anything you want to the sound comes from above chorus
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