Beck - Canceled Check tab

canceled check
album: mutations
submitted by m. burgess

open A tuning
(you can also play it in standard tuning in A, capoed up 2 frets)

here are some of the good country licks used:

verse:E ------15------------7--------------------------C# -14(15)----2-3-4-5--------7(9)-(9)7-5----------A -----------2-4-5-6--------------------5(7)-----E -------------------------------------------7~--A -----------------------------------------------E -----------------------------------------------
chords used:
B D E A F# B7 GE -2--5--7--0--2---5---3-C# -2--5--7--0--0---2---1-A -2--5--7--0--1---2---2-E -2--5--7--0--2---2---3-A -2--5--7--0------2-----E -2---------------------
B D A E A B I hate to do this but you're a pain in the neck B D A E A B I thought you knew this you're handing me a canceled check B D A E A B you're so helpless your girlfriends think you're a saint B D A E A D I'll give you a quarter I'll keep my judgements to myself D F# and i get caught up in the moonlight B B7 reaching out for a rotten egg I don't want to beg G F# B it's crystal clear your time is nearly gone count your blessings and do the things that you should o the has-beens that never had it so good stormy weather the kids are making a racket in the wilderness the wild lives are so mild CHORUS CHORUS
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