Beck – Heart Is A Drum chords ver. 2

Tuning: C–G–D-F-B-E (E down to C, A down to G, G down to F)

C*: Riff
G: x00203
Dm7: 2x001x or 220011
F: 5x776x or 557765
C: 0x2210
C/A: x22210
C/G: x02210
Eb6: x8878x
Eb6/D: x7878x

Riff: Cadd4 /A /Ge|---------------------|B|---------------------|F|------0------0-------|D|----2------2------2--|G|---------2------0----|C|--0------------------|
----- C* x8
C* x4Free as a driving wheel
Dm7 C* x2 Circling around your iron will
C* x4See only what you feel
Dm7 C* x2Keeps you turning when you're standing still
G Dm7 FYou try to run from trouble when it comes
C C/A C/GYou follow the drum
F C* x4Keeping time with everyone
C* x4High as the light of day
Dm7 C* x2Falling down across your lost highway
C* x4Why does it hurt this way?
Dm7 C* x2To come so far to find they've closed the gates
G Dm7 FYou've lost your tongue when you fall from the pendulum
C C/A C/G Your heart is a drum
F C* x2Keeping time with everyone
G Dm7 FEveryone, hear the drum from the undertow
G Dm7 FI need to find someone to show me how to play it slow
C* x4And just let it go
Eb6 Eb6/D C* x2 Eb6 Eb6/D C* x4
G Dm7 F Your eyes get stung by the rays of the sinking sun
C You follow the drum
F C* x2Keeping time with everyone
Eb6 Going beat, beat, beat
Eb6/D C* x2It's beating me down
Eb6 Beat, beat, beat, beat
Eb6/D C* x2It's beating me down
Eb6 Eb6/D C* x2Day after day it's turning around
Dm7 GTill all my days are drowning out
C*... ----- Note: It's rather difficult to shift between riff and chords. To make the song easier you can replace C* with “C C/a C/g” throughout the song.
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