Beck - Clap Hands tab

Tabbed by - Juggins767
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Ok im pretty sure theres two versions of this song. The version Beck plays on a
usually with his dinner table drum kit and the one on Guerolito the remix albumn which 
and weird. This is the tab for the accoustic one but if you want to play the techno one 
it is is a semitone down. It's easy as anything.


Just hit muted strings for the verses. BREAKDOWN:
E|------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------|G|------------------------------------|D|------------------------------------|A|---4-4--2-4-4---2-4-4--2-4-0-2-0----| X 2 (Yep one note added in)E|------------------------------------|
Beck Usually breaks into one foot in the grave here on the harmonica then after comes in with the main riff/chorus riff and ends it. End of Tab.
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