Bedouin Soundclash - Money Worries tab

Hey, this is a very easy song to play, once you get the rhythm figured out.
It's Bedo's cover of the Maytones song:

Chords Used: D A G

Anywhere you go it's the same cry....e---5-x-5------5-x-5--------3-x-3-x-3------|b---7-x-7------5-x-5--------3-x-3-x-3------|g---7-x-7------6-x-6--------4-x-4-x-4------|d--------------7-x-7--------5-x-5-x-5------|a------------------------------------------|e------------------------------------------|
DON'T have a com-for-table place of rest....e---5-x-5-x-5----------3-x-3-x-3-----------------|b---5-x-5-x-5----------3-x-3-x-3-----------------|g---6-x-6-x-6----------4-x-4-x-4-----------------|d---7-x-7-x-7----------5-x-5-x-5-----------------|a------------------------------------------------|e------------------------------------------------|
Thats it! Just listen to the song to figure it out. Really, the bass does all the work. Enjoy! ~peace~ -dylan
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