Bedroom Eyes - Motorcycle Daydream chords

Bedroom Eyes ~ Motorcycle Daydream

From the Embrace In Stereo EP.


A    [x02220]
F#m  [244222]
D    [xx0232]
Bm   [x24432]
E    [022100]


Guitar 1 - Capo 7: 

e|-------2----0---3---2---0-2-0---------2---0---3---2---0-2-0---------------|B|---------3----3---3---3-------3---------3---3---3---3-------3-------------| G|------------------------------------0-------------------------------------| x2D|---0----------------------------------------------------------------------|
e|-------2----0---3---2---0-2-0---------2---0---5---3---2-3-2---------------|B|---------3----3---3---3-------3---------3---3---3---3-------3-------------| G|------------------------------------0-------------------------------------| D|---0----------------------------------------------------------------------|
Guitar 2 - A F#m D Bm E Verse:
A F#mI will state my case
DYes, I've wasted all these days
Bm E AJust letting all my hopes mislead me in a haze
F#mA sad cliché
D But her absent smile has left me dazed
Bm EI won't use spite to find my way
F#m All of my thoughts are soothing illusions
A DThe start is new but I saw the ending scene
Bm EIn this motorcycle daydream
F#mAnticipation wrapped in confusion
A DEvery bit of sense left along the line
Bm EThere's a motorcycle daydream in my mind
Verse: I could need a hand And I truly never planned To go and fuck it up again And here I stand, misunderstand Every bit and piece, there's no small clue Helping me get closer to you Chorus: Thinking ahead of time is my weak part Self-dramatizing, trusting what I've foreseen In this motorcycle daydream Wishful events will orbit my lit heart Plain sick of all the things I can't leave behind There's a motorcycle daydream in my mind Outro: play verse chords x3 and end on A
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