Bedtime For Charlie - Airband chords


Intro - x2:
Em - Em7 - Am - C 

Verse 1:

Em C Standing in the gutter surviving the flood under pressure
C7M Is that what I want
Am Was it for money you condamned us to be
Em D C EmFrom another planet like fish out of sea
Intro x 1
Em C Stomping on a stage people shouting in your face like a seller
C7M You gave it away
Am Sharing the blame for the money and the fame
Em D C Em Is being a star worth this cold sense of shame
Chorus 1:
Am CIs it such a big deal
D Em To climb your ladder
C D Em D C To have your five minutes of popularity
D Em D C Do your thing but just make sure you know
Em C D Em You're ephemeral like figures made of snow
Intro x 1 Chorus 2:
Em C Forget how to lose live in someone elses shoes without measure
C7M Nore hope of concerne
Am Tear off the skin but what lies in within
Em D C EmIs ten million bodies as thick as a pin
Em D C Em Like a growing cancer a kick in the chin
Am You're just the flavour of the
Verse 2:
C D Em Just climb your ladder
C D Em D C Enjoy your five minutes of being on the top
D Em D C You see I just sincerely hope you know
Em C D Em You're ephemeral like figures made of snow
Intro - x2 Chorus 3:
Em C Joining the crusade will not give you an upgrade to perfection
C7M If that's what you heard
Am Blue skies turn grey and then nothing's the same
Em D C Em So please don't call back untill something has changed
Em D C Em I don't want to hear about you signing the page
Em D C Em A social endorsement you'll be called to pay
Em D C Em(let ring)You don't even care you're too high in the chain
Outro: D - C (let ring) Of course this is not 100% right but it sounds OK to me. Listen closely to the original song to find out the right way of playing. Feel free to leave some criticism on my email - torrasquexxx@ukr net Bedtime For Charlie - (Pop-punk \ ITA)
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