Beecake – A Ball Of Earth chords

Alright, first tab and not 100% on it but I noticed it was NOWHERE on the internet 
so I thought I might as well put on version on here. Okay, Basic run down. 

Intro: Am, C, Am, C, Bm, C, Bm, C, Bm

Verse: Am, C, Am, C, Bm, C, Bm, C, Bm

Steal the night 
To a light that's still far away 
You're still further 

Pace the floor 
Find the door through a fish-eyed stare 
Sets for tomorrow 

Time creeps like a southern storm 
Time marches in uniform 

Pre-Chorus: (Mute) Am, Bm (Strum after 'rainbows') Am, Bm

But your smile 
It sends me a thousand rainbows 
Catch my eye 
Reflect in this hotel window 

I wish that I could see you again 
My friend 

Chorus: C, Am, C, Am, Bm

A ball of earth falls through the sky 
A million hearts and souls break forth tomorrow 

I send a kiss out to the night 
I hope it finds your lips and soon I will follow 

And then it just repeats after that. So yeah, great song by Beecake, average tab 
by me but hopefully it gets you through and all that jazz.
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