Beer Softened Stool - Rat Whacker tab

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Date: Wed, 01 Apr 1998 12:45:54 -0500
From: "Brian j. dawson" 
Subject: PRO: Rat Whacker by Beer Softened Stool

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Rat Whacker by Beer Softened Stool
from the EP "Diaper Nuggets"

Tune low E down a whole step to "D"

riff 1

riff 2
------------------|------------------|------------------|------------------|---5p-0-0-5p-0----|---5p-0-0-5p-0----| repeat riff 1 4x then riff2 4x end on [D] chord
[D]CHlorine gas and a severed [F] spine [D]Lidocaine it works just [F] [D]Whack em stack mmmm lets [F] dine [D]The rat must die before its time {chorus} [G]Go rat whacker! Go rat whacker! [D] riff 3 [G]Go rat whacker! Go rat whacker! [A] [D]Ehter in a buuter [F] dish [D]I will grant your final [F] wish [D]Dr. Death for rodent [F]kind [D]Your headless corpse it looks just fine {chorus} solo [D] Tried to drown that bumpy [F] prick [D] he turned on me and bit me [F] back [D] My pruning shears they did the [F] trick [D] now he's in the garbage sack {chorus}
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