Beer Softened Stool – Sensitive Gay Lover tab

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Date: Mon, 16 Mar 1998 17:36:48 -0500
From: "Brian j. dawson" 
Subject: TAB: Sensitive Gay Lover by Beer Softened Stool

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Sensitive Gay Lover by Beer Softened Stool
>From "The Brown Album"

Riff 1-|--5p-3-3-5p-3-3--5p-3-3--5p-3-3------------------------|-|--5p-3-3-5p-3-3--5p-3-3--5p-3-3------------------------|-|---------------------------------5p--3p--0--5p--3p--0--|-|-------------------------------------------------------|-|-------------------------------------------------------|-|-------------------------------------------------------|
riff 2
[G]Bruce was 16 when he knew he liked[A#] men! [G]He didn't fuck girls he only liked them as friends! [G]He wanted man love lots of kneelin' and [A#] bobbin' [G]He was a turd burglar but there was a problem [C]He was a butt virgin...didn't want it to hurt [G]He had to be stretched slowly at first [C]He needed a man who was patient and kind [D]who'd slip in his fingers one at a time [hold] {chorus} [G]He's a Sensitive Gay [A#] Lover [F]He uses lubricant and always wears a rubber [G]He's a Sensitive Gay [A#] Lover [F]He's sweet and gentle when he's under the covers [G]He's a Sensitive Gay [A#] Lover [G][stop] (Romeo! Romeo! Where for art Thou?!) Riff 1 Riff 2 Modulate Riff 2 up one step then back down [C]Bruce met Phillip a sweet gentle guy [G]Phillip was big but they gave it a try [C]Phillip slid it in gentle and slow [D]The problem was solved now he's got a bung hole! {chorus} RIff 1 end
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