Beer Softened Stool – Van Dam Vs Butterbean tab

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From Sun Apr 26 16:38:50 1998
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 19:22:00 -0400
From: "Brian j. dawson" 
Subject: b/beer_softened_stool/

 Jean Claude van Dam vs. BUTTERBEAN

Tune low E to "D"

riff 1-|-----------------------------------------------------|-|-----------------------------------------------------|-|-----------------------------------------------------|-|-----------------------------------------------------|-|--3/5-5-3p0-0--3/5-5-3p0-0--3/5-5-3p0-0--3/5-5-3p0-0-|-|--3/5-5-3p0-0--3/5-5-3p0-0--3/5-5-3p0-0--3/5-5-3p0-0-|
guitar/bass run-|-------------------|-|-------------------|-|--3/7-5------------|-|--------7-6-5/3----|-|----------------5--|-|-------------------|
[D] muscles flexed, hair just right-- looking to save the world tonight [riff 1] (when you gonna fight for real?) [D] silly accent, faggy poses--hit the bad guys on their noses [riff 1] (when you gonna fight for real?) 1ST BRIDGE [A] All your movies suck but you make the girlies scream (let's see you fight for real!) [break] bring on BUTTERBEAN! [drum fill] CHORUS [D]Jean Claude Van Damn verses BUTTER [F]BEAN [C]the ultimate deathmatch---for the King [D] of the Ring [D] Jean Claude Jean Claude better run away [F]fast [A] BUTTERBEAN is gonna kick your sissy Belgian ass [guitar/bass run] [D]Heavy punches and broken bones--feel the pain from his hands of stone [riff 1](Now your fighting for real) [D]Your pretty face is red, black, and blue----spend the night in ICU [riff 1] (Now your fighting for real) 2ND BRIDGE [A]bloody limp pile sissy little girl (no stuntman for this scene) [break] starring BUTTERBEAN! [drum fill] CHORUS 2x guitar/bass run 3x end on "hendrix" [D] chord Michael Buffer......."let's get ready to rumble"
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