Before Their Eyes – Because 7 Ate 9 tab

So this is the song Because 7 Ate 9 by Before Their Eyes. 
I figured this song out when Dawn Of My Death
barely came out, and I thought they played in drop C, but 
I've realized now it's in C# (Db).  So this whole tab 
is in C. But I think you can learn it off of this and 
then adjust it to C#. I'm 95% sure this is right, 
except for a few small parts. Bear with me, it's my first tab, 
so it may be a little sloppy but i think it's legible. 
And if you want to see it played exactly like this, 
check my cover for it on youtube:

Drop C

/ =slide up
\ =slide down
x =palm mute
D|-------------|A|-------------|F|-------------|C|--1-1--1/6--1| (3x)G|--1-1--1/6--1|C|--1-1--1/6--1|
(0:11-0:31)D|---------0-------------11|A|---------4---------------|F|-------------------------| (4x) [1st and 3rd times hit 11]C|--1/6\1-----x--6-5-xxxx--| [2nd and 4th times it's muted straight thru]G|--1/6\1-----x--6-5-xxxx--|C|--1/6\1-----x--6-5-xxxx--|
(0:31-0:53)D|---------|A|---------|F|---------| (4x)C|--1-1-1-1|G|--1-1-1-1|C|--1-1-1-1|
I'm not certain about this part but it sounds very close; it's hard to hearThese notes seem right but i think some are missing.(0:53-1:09)D|-------------------------------------------|A|-------------18----------------------------|F|--15-16-15-16--15-16-15-16-15-16-----------| (4x)**C|--------------------------------18-16-15-16|G|-------------------------------------------|C|-------------------------------------------|
D|--------------------|A|--------------------|F|--------------------| Play this once, then play ** (above) one more timeC|--16-15-13--16-15-13|G|--------------------|C|--------------------|
Chorus (I used to never dream...) (1:09-1:29)
D|-------------------------|A|-------------------------|F|---------6------4--------| (4x)C|--1------6-(8x)-4-(16x)--|G|--1-(8x)-4------2--------|C|--1----------------------|
Verse (1:33-1:42)
D|---------0-------------11|A|---------4---------------|F|-------------------------| (same as before except it's only played twice)C|--1/6\1-----x--6-5-xxxx--| G|--1/6\1-----x--6-5-xxxx--|C|--1/6\1-----x--6-5-xxxx--|
D|-----------|A|-----------|F|-----------|C|--1-1-1-1-1|G|--1-1-1-1-1|C|--1-1-1-1-1| x x x x x (palm mute)
D|---------|A|---------|F|---------| (4x)C|--1-1-1-1|G|--1-1-1-1|C|--1-1-1-1|
(2:05-2:20)D|-------------------------------------------|A|-------------18----------------------------|F|--15-16-15-16--15-16-15-16-15-16-----------| C|--------------------------------18-16-15-16|G|-------------------------------------------|C|-------------------------------------------|
D|--------------------|A|--------------------|F|--------------------| same as before, play this then the above 1 more timeC|--16-15-13--16-15-13|G|--------------------|C|--------------------|
Chorus repeated (2:20-2:40) Then for the outro! (2:40-END)
D|-----------0----------------|A|-----------4----------------|F|----------------------------| (2x)C|--9\1--9\1----9\1--9\1--xxxx|G|--9\1--9\1----9\1--9\1--xxxx|C|--9\1--9\1----9\1--9\1--xxxx|
On the second time, instead of muting it, you just hit this 3 times. and then you're done!
Well that's it! hopefully you could figure it out. if not, well then you're outta luck. If you think anything needs to be added/changed/deleted etc. you can email me at with your suggestions. don't forget to check the video if you're confused about anything on here. or feel free to shoot me a message at thanks so much for checking it out! and please rate it if you think it's good. i would greatly appreciate it. God bless -K
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