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Beggars Bridge – Brandy tab

Brandy   by Beggar's Bridge
Written by Ted Wulfers

Easy song but fun to play  the whole verses and jam parts are

F Am  Bb C
F Am  Bb C

Then the chorus' are
Dm C
Dm C
Dm Bb  C  C7

Here are the lyrics.  Have fun....

Brandy get your bottle lemme drink you
Like a real man should
Brandy get your hat oh you're lookin' oh so good

And tonight my head is light
And I'm feelin' all right
And I'm in the mood for you yeah you

Brandy get your shoes honey let's go out dancing
I know this great place down on lucky st. that's great
for romancing
Brandy get your keys honey let's go out for a drive
As I breathe you in, you keep me alive

And tonight my head is light and I'm feelin' alright
And I'm in teh mood for you

Brandy get your gun let's go out for a killing
Meet me in teh morning only if and only if youa re willing
Brandy makes me laugh make me laugh oh so funny
Brandy Come and go she take all my money


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